Our Products

Our product lines include luxurious CANDLES and AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSERS which are perfect for your individual enjoyment, and they make wonderful gifts since they are beautifully packaged.

Our CANDLES are 100 percent natural soy based, not simply a "soy blend". We use only food grade soy in our manufacturing processes to insure the cleanest possible burning and longest possible burn times. Soy based candles have many advantages including the following:

  • Soybean is 100% biodegradable
  • Soybean is a 100% renewable source
  • Soy does not produce carcinogenic substances when being burned as some paraffin based candles can
  • No "sooting" is produced when burning a soy candle
  • Soy burns longer than paraffin based equivalents
  • Soy wax spills can be easily cleaned without the use of solvents

You can select our candles in one of our available gentle scents in accordance with your personal preferences. Only pure cotton wicks are used in our candles, and you can be assured that our candle fragrance load is double that of standard paraffin candles. Our soy candles make excellent gifts, and help create a comfortable ambiance for romantic occasions, dinners, anniversaries, entertaining friends, or simply relaxing.

Our AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSERS provide beautiful and functional decorative accents for the home or office. Only the finest, non toxic, non allergenic plant based essential oils are provided with our diffusers. Our high quality rattan reed sticks absorb the essential oil and distribute the scent you selected when you placed your order. To increase the intensity of the aroma in your room or office you simply increase the number of reed sticks you place in the essential oil.