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We named our company GESUND for a very good reason!

We named our company GESUND for a very good reason. It is derived from a German word which generally implies health or well being. We know that having too much stress or too little time for relaxation in our daily lives can often lead to negative health consequences. So our mission is to provide environmentally friendly products which may inspire people to pursue the health benefits associated with stress reduction, relaxation, comfortable ambience, and meditation.

Our SOY WAX CANDLES are 100 percent natural soy based, not simply a "soy blend". Food grade soy, a 100% renewable source, is used in the manufacturing processes to insure the cleanest and longest possible burn times - with absolutely zero sooting. Our popular fragrance choices are all derived naturally from plant oils.

Our AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSERS provide subtle fragrances and decorative accents for your home or office, whether you select our high quality reed diffusers or our white ceramic flower diffuser. Only plant based essential oils are provided with our diffusers.

Our RELAX AND RENEW offering contains a comforting neck and shoulder wrap filled with 100% natural herbs - lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, and peppermint. Microwave for instant warming heat or cool in the freezer for cool therapy.

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