Experience Our Scents

At GESUND® CANDLES, we understand that it can be challenging to choose a scented candle or diffuser online without being able to smell it first. That's why we have gone above and beyond to provide detailed descriptions of each of our unique scents. We want to ensure that you can make an informed decision and find the perfect fragrance for your home.

Our team of experts has carefully crafted each scent, using a combination of scientific knowledge and artistic creativity. We believe that a well-crafted fragrance can enhance your mood, create a welcoming atmosphere, and promote relaxation.

Here are some examples of our unique scents:

Oud Wood

Lemongrass + Basil

Wild Citrus

Cedarwood + Balsam

Balsam + Amber

Lemon Tea + Musk 

Eucalyptus + Lavender

Wonderful Jasmine + Lily

Grapefruit Lemon + Basil

Pink Champagne

Clementine Mandarin + Citrus

Sandalwood + Jasmine

Coconut Mango + Amber